Zydney’s Awesome Lightening MacQueen Party!

Saturday 23rd September was a very special day for Zydney. He turned 2!

Zydneys Special Day

Princess Hazel arrived at Blackrock GAA club to the biggest Lightening McQueen Party she had ever seen! The birthday boy was even dressed up as his favourite car!

Zydney’s mom had set up a special place for her to facepaint all of the children as cars, princesses, pirates and superheroes while Cars 2 played on a humongous screen! 

Spiderman in the making!

Then everyone sat down to nummy scrummy Caribbean food while Princess Hazel made balloon swords and animals for all of the boys and girls. There were lots of swordfights! Some of the grown ups even joined in!!

Zydneys Party Cork

When everyone had full tummys it was time for games! Zydney’s mom had gotten not one but 2 special pin the number on Lightening McQueen games and even had prizes!

Party Games

Not to be outdone, Princess Hazel had a few games of her own and plenty more prizes in her magic bag.  Everyone played duck duck goose, pass the parcel and even musical animals and the princess got really scared by all of the tigers and dinosaurs! 

Party games

Then it was time for jewellery making!

Bracelet making at Zydneys Party

All of the boys and girls made bracelets in every colour of the rainbow while a special slideshow played on the screen of Zydney’s first 2 years!

Making jewelry

After that, it was time for more games! We had super fun playing rock the boat and dancing a conga line.
Our last game was The Limbo and we had some very limber limbo-ers!

Then it was time for pictures. Zydney’s family are very lucky to have a friend with a real professional photography studio! All the boys and girls sat down and said “Silly Sausages!” for the camera.

Picture time

And then Zydney’s mom had a special surprise. A Birthday Piñata! The boys and girls pulled and pulled the ribbon until the sweets flew out!

Then, if that wasn’t enough Zydney was super kind and gave out Swag Bags!

Last but not least, CAKE TIME!!! There was a super special Lightening McQueen cake made by our friend Liv’s Cakes and we all sang Happy Birthday and everyone helped the birthday boy blow out his candles.

Zydneys Car Cake

Before she knew it, it was time for Princess Hazel to go home to tell Princess Plum all about the fun she had.

All in all, it was a fantastic party and I hope everyone had as much fun as Princess Hazel did!


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