Witch Face Paint for Halloween

To create your own little witch for Halloween,  just follow the easy peasy steps below!

You will need:

  • Green, purple, red, white and black face paint
  • sponge and brushes to apply

Start by drawing a line of purple around the outside of the face. Using the sponge, fill in the face with green, blending the purple slightly.


Next, use a sponge to blend some white around the eyes. Don’t worry about keeping it too neat and messy….Witches aren’t tidy!



Next, it’s time for the details! Using the brush, carefully draw a line of red under each eye. Then with black, draw a cobweb on one side of the face.



Finally, add some definition lines using the black.  Lots of wrinkles and nasty red spots! Some very hairy eyebrows too!!

Now you’re ready to go! We didn’t this time, but you could always add some blue/grey to the lips. Throw on a scary dress, load up with a broom and you’re ready to go!!


Happy Witching!!

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