Skeleton Face Paint

To start off with you will need black and white face painting, and possibly red. You will also need sponges, a normal sized brush and a very narrow brush too.


First, you need to face paint the whole face white using a sponge. You can avoid the eye area as this will be blackened.

Next, use either your sponge or normal brush and colour the eye area black. You can just keep it simple and do circles, but I think it looks more dramatic to do triangle shaped as pictured below.
Make sure you don’t use too much water as it will make the face paint runny and it make run into the eyes.

Next, use your very narrow brush and draw some nostrils onto your face.

Next step, using the narrow brush still, is to draw in your teeth, one set on each lip.

Draw a line on top of the top set and underneath the bottom set. Then, draw a line from the top set along the cheekbone and to the hair line. Fill in about 1inch down the side of the face with black.

Next, you can draw some tiny crack marks on the forehead. I’ve also added some red to the teeth and to the cracks.

Happy Spooking Everyone 🙂

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