Princess Harley had a Royal Ball!

Saturday 22nd September was a very special day for Princess Harley.

Princess Harley

Princess Plum arrived at 2.30 and the party was in full swing! There was not one, but two bouncy castles for everyone, one of them was a Barbie one and there was a slide too!!

Princess Harley's princess party

 Princess Harley looked gorgeous in an Ariel dress, complete with a bright red Ariel wig! All her friends were also dressed in princess dresses, I was surrounded by lots of Disney Princesses! There was one very handsome Prince  thrown in called Mikey, who was well able for all the girls!

Princesses and a Prince


With everyone already dressed in beautiful princess dresses, Princess Plum had a very easy job face painting them all as princesses! Crowns with sparkles and lots of pink hearts were the order of the day. Prince Mikey decided Spiderman was the best option for him so he became a spiderman prince!

Face painting


With all the face painting done, it was balloon time. Lots and lots of balloons were made, from flowers to puppies, but swords were definitely the most popular!

Princess Harley had an amazing castle cake that looked too good to eat nearly! It was made by Cakes By Dawn

Harleys amazing Princess Cake


Pass the Parcel turned into a very serious affair! Nobody knew how many layers the parcel had, and the excitement and tension built and built! We got there eventually, and a gorgeous Hello Kitty toy was revealed. Hurray!!

There were lots and lots of games played, and lots of prizes won by all the Princesses and Princes. Princess Plum thought they all made the scariest dinosaurs too!!


Princess Party


 Just before it was time to head home, Princess Plum had one final surprise for Princess Harley…A special magic bag with lots of fairy dust, stickers a magic wand.


All in all it was a brilliant day!


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