Princess Party for Caoimhes 6th birthday!

What a day we had today at Caoimhes Very Important Princess Party!!

Princess Plum arrived just before Caoimhe finished school, so everything was ready to go when everyone arrived in!

We launched into face painting and Princess Plum had a great time chatting with all the kids and getting to know all about them. She then spread out colours and paper for everyone.


There was a few budding artists in the group too, and they were all more than happy to create masterpieces for Princess Plum!

Next it was time for games. Those guys were amazing at musical statues, Princess Plum couldn’t get even one of them out, no matter how hard she made it!!


Pass the parcel was a huge  success, with Caoimhe winning an awesome fairy jigsaw!!


After pass the parcel it was time for cake, yummy! All the kids sat up on the stage and Princess Plum made balloon animals for everyone!


When everyone was full from yummy treats Princess Plum divided everyone into 3 groups for jewelry making! Everyone made gorgeous bracelets, and there was lots of red and white ones for Cork!!


By the time everyone had finished their bracelets it was time to pack up and head home.

I know Princess Plum had a super day, I sure hope Caoimhe had a fantastic day too.

Happy birthday Caoimhe, from Princess Plum xxxx

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