Princess Hollys very special Princess Party for her Birthday

Last Saturday was a very special day for Princess Holly. She turned six! Princess Plum was lucky enough to get an invite to her birthday party, and what a great princess party it was!

When Princess Plum arrived she was greeted by a great group of girls, all ready to have lots of fun! Princess Holly was the first to get her face painted, and she looked just like a real princess by the end. The glitter looked gorgeous on her too! All the other girls wanted to look just like Holly, so everyone was just like a real princess!

All through the games there were loads of laughs and plenty of silliness too. Those girls were turned into some very scary dinosaurs during one game. Princess Plum got a big fright!!! When the girls were pretending to be kangaroos, a couple of them went into the trampoline to bounce higher. How clever!

Because the weather was so nice, the whole party was held outdoor in the sunshine. When it was time for the yummy food everyone sat down in a big circle on the grass for a picnic. Princess Plum made some great balloons for all the girls while the were sitting down too. There was a lot of extra flowers in the garden by the time she was finished!!

The yummy birthday cake

After the party food was eaten the girls all made bracelets to keep. There were loads of beads to choose from and the bracelets all looked gorgeous. Lots of colours and sparkles everywhere!

There was just time at the end for a couple more party games. Then it was time for Princess Plum to return to Meadowland on her cloud. She got a great big hug from Holly right at the very end too, and what a hug it was!

All in al, it was a super princess party and Princess Plum was very glad she got to play with such a great group of girls xxx

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  1. Donna Dineen says:

    A fab day was had by all hope u can come to the 7th party nxt yr!!!

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